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You got a great voice man, well written song too! Those sales will come on this one :)

Thank you very much Jake. That’s very encouraging :)

Yeah, keep on singing – sounds great! I wish I could that well too. ;) Nice song.

Thanks AudioAgent! :) I really appreciate it

  • could sing that is.

Wow…thank you for your kind words. It really means so much. I love what you did with the slide show/video with the song! So talented and makes the song come to life :)

i purchased extended..can u send me license please..tv guys will need is ASAP :


Hello FOCii2011,

Thank you so much for the purchase! The license certificate should be in your DOWNLOADS tab (next to History) and under the title of your purchase (SEIZE THE DAY ). You will see a link that says EXTENDED LICENSE and LICENSE CERTIFICATE . Click on the license certificate link and you will be able to download the extended license certificate. Let me know if you have problems. Thanks again!

Wow, man. I don’t know how I’ve missed this song. It deserves a feature. So good! Well produced and written. Great job! :bigsmile:

Thank you so much Phil. It’s always good to hear from you! :)

Awesome man! I’m glad you got featured! This song has been deserving of a feature. I’m predicting this song to blow up. You’re gold from here. :bigsmile: Good luck!

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time! :) I appreciate the support Phil! I just hope the I can somehow keep up with you ;)

Very cool! Nice lyrics! Good luck :)

Thank you khan :)

Super nice song!!! Superb lyrics. Probably it would have won the Envato’s Most Wanted… Congrats Cedric!

I appreciate it mario! That means a lot. Looks like i just have to keep writing :)

Great Track!
Bookmarked to Audiojungle Authors Music Collection!

Great Song! ;)

Thank You Luca!

Just excellent!

:) Appreciate the kind words!

Pop and Beautiful, Congratulations! :)

Thank you!

Nice song. Good voice :)

Thank you D-Music! :)

Beautiful voice! Great !

Thank you so much!

This song is so great, really professional work. This should be played in radio and sold to the masses, not here royalty-free for a few dollar

Thank you so much. This really means a lot :)

Very very very very very good job!!!

Thank you so much!

beautiful song, wonderful lyrics—right on time! Keep on the excellent work! LOVE IT!

Thank you so much. I’m grateful for your comment :)

beautiful song , very nice :)

Thank you very much Eric!

Wow what a voice great song definatly one of the best maybe even the best in my opinion on AJ Great work! Amazing Voice!

Thank you so much! :)