Sci-Fi Game SFX Pack 1

Sci-Fi Game SFX Pack 1

free sound effects Royalty free sound effects collection of 18 high quality immersive sounds especially designed for science fiction futuristic games, be it a shooter, RPG, strategy, a casual kids game, a sci-fi Shoot ‘Em Up set in an intergalactic war of stars and empires etc. The sounds included can be used for menu HUD interface (including clicks, buttons, select), laser weapons from the game, dangerous alien beings, technology and spaceships (with atmosphere and shuttle launch sfx), as well as game specific sounds like health damage, bonus collect, game over screens or character customization. They have been carefully designed to offer a modern futuristic sound in tone with current Hollywood science fiction blockbusters and the most popular video games.

Files Included (in the order heard on the preview)

  • 1. Access Denied (0:03)
  • 2. Alien Alarm Loop (0:08)
  • 3. Alien Scanner Loop (0:08)
  • 4. Alien Spaceship Ambiance Loop (0:24)
  • 5. Alien Tripod Horn (0:10)
  • 6. Crawling Alien Insect (0:05)
  • 7. Health Collected (0:04)
  • 8. Health Damage (0:04)
  • 9. Laser Blast (0:03)
  • 10. Laser Gun (0:02)
  • 11. Menu Click (0:03)
  • 12. Menu HUD Interface Text Loop (0:01)
  • 13. Menu Initiate (0:05)
  • 14. Menu Select (0:03)
  • 15. Mission Fail (0:08)
  • 16. Spaceship Gate (0:04)
  • 17. Spaceship Nuclear Core Loop (0:04)
  • 18. System Recharge (0:05)

Use it in your SF game with some of my other science fiction sound effects like Painful Teleportation or Alien Ship Passing By

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