Futuristic Hybrid Trailer Action

Futuristic Hybrid Trailer Action

Cinematic Trailer, Sci-Fi Trailer, Hybrid Epic, Industrial Trailer

Future Hybrid is commercial track in the style of Actionable Trailer for modern epic Futuristic films, Sci-Fi background TV, commercials trailers and Science Fiction Teasers, motion pictures, sport and Extreme advertising, video game and technogenic projects and other Suspenseful industrial scifi and hi-tech atmosphere media projects.

In this epic Future and Hybridised track used Hybrid synth, orchestral strings and Trailers piano, electronic and orchestral percussion Active drums, digital and mechanicals tech effects, Rhythmic pulsing bass, dynamic culmination.

MP3 and WAV versions included for your convenience.

FIVE versions included:

– Original – 3:50

– Version 2 – 2:50

– Version 3 – 2:28

– Version 4 – 2:07

– Version 5 – 1:45

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