Sadness Cinematic Piano Kit

Sadness Cinematic Piano Kit

Sadness Cinematic Piano Kit - 1 Here is a very convenient kit for you to create an corporate music. By using its separate parts you can easily construct a music track which will meet all your requirements.

This is Music Kit based on item Sadness Cinematic Piano

Sad emotional piano melody. very mellow slow music theme. Cinematic, dramatic, melodic, philosophical and touching piano background music with violins and synth effect. Sad song, with piano, pads, and synths. Perfect for any project where you need an emotional component.

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Demo Tracks:

  1. Demo01.wav 02:06
  2. Demo02.wav 01:12
  3. Demo03.wav 00:42
Song Sections:
  • 01_Start.wav 00:03
  • 02_Start_No_FX.wav 00:03
  • 03_Intro_1.wav 00:13
  • 04_Intro_1_No_FX.wav 00:13
  • 05_Intro_2.wav 00:13
  • 06_Intro_2_No_FX.wav 00:13
  • 07_Verse_1.wav 00:13
  • 08_Verse_1_No_FX.wav 00:13
  • 09_Verse_2.wav 00:13
  • 10_Verse_2_No_FX.wav 00:13
  • 11_Verse_3.wav 00:13
  • 12_Verse_3_No_FX.wav 00:13
  • 13_Verse_4.wav 00:13
  • 14_Verse_4_No_FX.wav 00:13
  • 15_Chorus_1.wav 00:13
  • 16_Chorus_1_No_FX.wav 00:13
  • 17_Chorus_2.wav 00:13
  • 18_Chorus_2_No_FX.wav 00:13
  • 19_End.wav 00:10
  • 20_End_No_FX.wav 00:10