Sad to Inspiring Piano

Sad to Inspiring Piano

Orchestral,explosively-inspirational composition.Perfect for inspirational, nature, life and travel videos, slideshows, show-reel, social projects, advertising. Great for wedding videos, valentine’s day videos, romantic videos, family slideshows, charity videos. motivational presentations. Sounds like: sad music, sad piano, sad to inspiring, sad to uplifting, sad to happy, sad to upbeat, dramatic to happy, dramatic to epic, mellow to inspiring, mellow piano, sad inspiring, inspiring sad, classical music, adventure music, sad dramatic piano, dramatic piano, dramatic music, uplifting piano, uplifting music, inspired music, sad inspired piano music, piano trailer, epic trailer, sad epic trailer, sad trailer, classical inspired music.

Zip Contains 3 versions :

1.Sad to Inspiring Piano -Full [ time: 2:34, tempo: 93 bpm ]

2.Sad to Inspiring Piano -Short [ time: 1:55, tempo: 93 bpm ]

3.Only Sad part – Short [ time: 1:29, tempo: 93 bpm ]

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