Sad Emotional and Dramatic Piano Kit

Sad Emotional and Dramatic Piano Kit

A MUSIC KIT, created on my original AudioJungle composition: Sad Emotional and Dramatic Piano

Sad Emotional and Dramatic Piano is a full of sadness and lyrical composition. Played by deep piano, strings and solo cello with soft synth pad. This piece is perfect for events, commercials, life problems video, trailers, slideshows, burial, funeral, disasters and anything that requires a uniqe and thinking-sad atmosphere.

This Kit is very simple to use and gives you possibility to create many of different compilations.

ZIP file contains:

Track sections: 78bpm

01_Intro_ A_T (0:15)
02_Intro_A_WithStrings_T (0:15)
03_Intro B_T (0:15)
04_Intro_B_WithStrings_T (0:15)
05_Intro_B_WithBridge_T (0:18)
06_Intro_C_T (0:28)
07_Intro_C_WithStrings_T (0:28)
08_Chorus_A_T (0:28)
09_Chorus_A_WithBridge_T (0:28)
10_Chorus_B_T (0:28)
11_Chorus_C_T (0:31)
12_Chorus_C_WithFadeIN_T (0:31)
13_Ending_T (0:09)

Ready to use Demos:

01_Demo 1 (2:38) 01-03-02-05-09-10-07-12-13
02_Demo 2 (2:09) 06-01-03-12-02-05-11
03_Demo 3 (0:58) 07-01-05-13

If do you have any questions to this project – go ahead – write me