Romantic Intro Kit

Romantic Intro Kit

Lyrical piano melody with the background of stringed instruments creates a warm and peaceful mood at the beginning of the composition. The development of a repeating theme leads to the second part where calm and serenity is replacing by a fantastic tone. Thanks to a variety of parts creates a contrast development of composition. The arrangement makes the sounding colorful and volume, using instruments of the Symphony orchestra. It would be a great idea to use this composition for emotional background for your video!

Original track:
Romantic Intro

Included Demos:

Demo 1 (2:16)
Demo 2 (1:09)
Demo 3 (1:30)

Included Song Sections:

02_Intro_B_(0:10)_+ Strings
03_Verse_A_(0:10)_1-st Part
04_Verse_B_(0:10)_2-nd Part (+Choir)
05_Chorus_A_(0:10)_1-st Part (+Strings, Harp)
06_Chorus_B_(0:13)_2-nd Part (+Stop Time)
07_Verse_C_(0:10)_1-st Part
08_Verse_D_(0:10)_2-nd Part (+Choir)
09_Chorus_C_(0:10)_1-st Part (+Choir, Strings, Harp)
10_Chorus_D_(0:10)_2-nd Part
11_Chorus_E_(0:10)_3-rd Part
12_Chorus_F_(0:10)_4-th Part
13_End_(0:05)_All Instruments
14_Chorus_B_2_(0:10)_Without Stop Time