Rock Pack

Rock Pack

Rock Pack - 1
Hard Rock Rebel – 2:03
Loud rebel hard rock track, associated with the roar of engines, custom-shop cars and bikes, street racing, smoky bars with beer and bikers. This music is suitable for commercials, promotion, slideshows, video projects about freedom, cars, sports, tuning, riding
Emotional Atmospheric Indie Rock – 4:01
Uplifting and atmospheric music in Indie folk style with epic percussion, stadium anthem drums, real guitars, great melody and vibe. Perfect for commercials, Youtube channels, motivational videos, business presentations and slideshows, projects about travel, achievements, inspiration and success

  • Emotional Atmospheric Indie Rock short version – 1:28
  • Emotional Atmospheric Indie Rock long version – 2:32

Energizing and Positive Upbeat Rock – 2:01
Bright and energetic rock track with real electric guitars, claps, stomps, percussion and cheerful mood. Perfect for energizing projects, advertising, commercials, motivational presentations, action videos
Rock Pack - 2

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Rock Pack - 15

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Rock Pack - 16