Rock Love

Rock Love

Music & Lyrics: CubeSounD
Vocals: Theo Rusu


“Rock Love” is a driving & energetic indie rock song, about a young couple trying to work out their differences.
The girl gets mad and unleashes her anger throwing out her boyfriend’s things on the window; The guy comes home and tries to reason with the furious girl; but she had enough of him drinking and partying so she asks him to leave. In the end, the guy makes an epic proposal, that she couldn’t ever refuse: how can a girl ditch such a fine man who is willing to share his booze with her?  :)

This is also a song about life and taking it easy; no matter the problem, there is always a solution ( even if it’s a tricky one sometimes ).

Suitable for projects that demand energetic, young rock music with a care-free vibe.


Verse 1:

I was walking down the street when I saw it coming down
And I said to myself – man, this looks like my guitar!


You can throw away my love, you can throw away my life,
You can do what you want to do, ‘cause the time of my life,
Happens tonight! Oh, Yeah!
Happens tonight! Oh, no,no!

Male Choir shouts: ‘SHE SAYS!’:

Verse 2:

I don’t know why you’re coming home, I don’t know are you still here?
You can drink your mind and soul, You can do whatever you feel


Guitar solo: Oh – Oh – Oooh, Oh – Oh – Oooh X 4


God I know that we’ve been fighting’,
But it’s so hard to be parted,
Why can’t we get over it once more?


Verse 3:

All these things will wash away, after all that we’ve been through,
You‘ll never find a guy like me, who will share his bottle with you.

Chorus: X2

In the zip pack you will find both wav and mp3 versions for your convenience:

Item 1: Rock Love – with Vocals 02:43
Item 2: Rock Love – No Vocals ( Instrumental ) 02:43

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