Rock Logo Pack On

Rock Logo Pack On


Commercial Rock Energetic Logo Pack

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Rock and logo pack with electric guitar and modern effects!
    Perfect for: sports, football, basketball, baseball and other sport videos and presentations, projects with soundtracks, motion graphics. graphicriver presenation, 3D and partical energetic, logos, logotypes and starts, open, open, opening, fashion, catwalk and make up shows, action scenes, extreme sports, games and apps for iPhone and Android, dynamic video projects, websites, advert, advertising, commercials, vlogs, youtube and videohive!
Archive contains 7 different versions in WAV and MP3 format!

The pack contains:

01. Rock Riff Hits Logo

Which includes:
  • Rock Riff Hits (1 Hit) 00:05
  • Rock Riff Hits (2 Hits) 00:05
  • Rock Riff Hits (3 Hits) 00:06
  • Rock Riff Hits (4 Hits) 00:06
  • Rock Riff Hits (7 Hits) 00:07

02. Hard Rock Trailer Intro 00:15
(In preview start at 00:28)

03. Rock Logo On 00:23
(In preview start at 00:43)