Road Work City Street Ambience

Road Work City Street Ambience

Road Work / Construction Site / Street Ambience

Field Recording Description

Field recording of a Street with road work . In the center of a big city (200k pop.).

    Recorded Stereo with professionnal recorder

How We Recorded That Sound

NAGRA Recorder

    Detail : 24 Bit


    Detail : A-B technique

    This technique uses two parallel microphones, typically omnidirectional, some distance apart, capturing time-of-arrival stereo information as well as some level (amplitude) difference information, especially if employed close to the sound source(s). At a distance of about 50 cm (0.5 m) the time delay for a signal reaching first one and then the other microphone from the side is approximately 1.5 ms (1 to 2 ms). If the distance is increased between the microphones it effectively decreases the pickup angle. At 70 cm distance it is about equivalent to the pickup angle of the near-coincident ORTF setup.


Example Use – Non-exhaustive list

As a roomtone / Ambience
  1. Apartment
  2. Building
  3. City
  4. Stress Life
  5. Paris

What’s Inside ?

  • Ambience_RoadWork.wav – 4:57
  • – WAV 44,1khZ – 16 Bit – Stereo.
  • Support Information.pdf