Revenge of the Oompa Loompas

Revenge of the Oompa Loompas

This musical piece is the product of me taking up a boxing class. I take the classes at an MMA style gym. There’s a midget that goes to the same gym. I run into him over there all the time. Everyone feels like they’re tough around midgets, but I assure you, feeling tough around this particular midget would be a complete mistake. This guy is tougher than nails. He can turn a 6 foot man into a crying little girl in the octogon. If the Keebler Elves ever formed their own mafia, he’d be the only enforcer they’d ever need. I’ve seen him in the octogon and he has no mercy for the weak. I’ve been meaning to offer him a suggestion: He should tattoo “B.A.M.” on the back of his neck… short for “BAD A** MIDGET”. I’m just too scared to tell him. I’m just not ready to tell my future children and grandchildren that my head is shaped like a banana from making “tattoo suggestions” to the wrong person. Anyway, I made this musical piece to define him while he’s breaking ribs in the octogon.

I’m quietly and respectfully cheering for him in the corner.

GO B.A.M.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This piece would be good for rappers and singers alike searching to stretch thier talents to the limits. This musical peice would be well complimented by either a tough singer or a rapper with very aggressive lyrics. This musical piece would also be great for TV/film in expressing the brink of conflict. (Example: Two groups of people that hate eachother and are finally face to face.) This piece can also be a backround song to any transitional scenes in reality shows possessing a young urban flare.

Instruments used:
  • live kicks
  • 808 drums
  • hand claps
  • live snares
  • crystal hats
  • oscillated bass
  • tweaked synthesizer
  • horns
  • strings
  • reversed wind
  • various JQuinn layering

Instructions: Bring in the “Song/Track” into your project and you should be good to go.

Notes: If you need custom work done for this particular track or you have a whole new idea and want us to help you then feel free to contact us and we will be more then happy to help you out.


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