Relaxing Pack

Relaxing Pack

This is a pack of 6 of songs with a relaxing, laid back feel. These songs span several years on AudioJungle, including one of my best selling loops, Relax A While.

Relax A While

RelaxAWhile.WAV (1:00 loop)

Stay Relaxed

StayRelaxed_Ending.WAV (1:38)

Happy Lazy Strumming

HappyLazyStrumming_Ending.wav (1:12) HappyLazyStrumming_Loop.wav (1:08)

Floating On Air

FloatingOnAir_112_Ending_JHungerMusic.wav: (2:15) FloatingOnAir_112_Loop_JHungerMusic.wav: (2:08)


Strolling.WAV (2:31)

White Sparrow

WhiteSparrow_96_Ending_JHungerMusic.wav (1:02) WhiteSparrow_96_Loop_JHungerMusic.wav (1:00)

Relax A While:

60 second loop featuring finger picked acoustic guitar, strummed ukulele, and a light piano. Designed for unobtrusive, mellow background music, the chords are very simple and flow very well. Evokes images of lying on a beach, watching the waves. Slow paced but drives well. Very positive, optimistic, and relaxed. The acoustic nature of the instruments give it a folksy, woody feel – very laid back and nice. Perfect for background music for corporate or personal presentations, or for voice over work for tv, film, radio etc. Loops seamlessly.

Stay Relaxed:

A very mellow tune played on slack key acoustic guitar accompanied by a strummed ukulele, piano, shaker, and electric piano. Relaxed but driving, it evokes images of sitting on a tropical beach as the sun sets, with good friends and interesting drinks. Excellent for good feeling, positive background music.

Happy Lazy Strumming:

Following a fun, swingy, driving and simple strumming pattern on the acoustic guitar using mostly major chords, this song builds up into a strongly positive and cheerful feel. Perfect for lighthearted video presentations that also would like to convey a sense of purpose.

Floating On Air:

Airy and light, this simple tune features a pair of finger picked guitars backed by a simple piano melody and a bass, joined halfway through the song by electric piano and a pad. Moving from a light pace to an ethereal, floating feel, this song is positive and romantic.


Two and a half minutes of a nice, mellow feeling acoustic driven song, perfect for background music that needs a friendly, positive feel. The feeling is inspirational and happy, like strolling down the street on a summer day. This song is not set up to loop but you can loop by splicing it right before the ending chord.

White Sparrow:

This sentimental song is driven by two finger picked guitars accompanied by a ukulele playing a simple melody. Vocal ooos come into the later part of the song for a little more ambiance. Loving and tender, this song is sweet and simple.