Real Estate Pack

Real Estate Pack

Real Estate Pack – calm and confident background corporate music that gives you feeling of motivation and inspiration.


Purchase includes:

  • Real Estate – 4:37, 2:49, 1:13, 0:39, 0:20
  • Tech Corporate – 2:54, 1:13, 0:39
  • Soft Advertising – 2:21, 4:15


    Featured instruments – motivating and inspired guitar harmonics, dignified confident piano, soft kick, beautiful synthesizers.

    This track is good for corporate videos background, corporate business presentations, real estate buisiness, tutorials, marketing, advertising, technology videos, explains, slideshows, slideshows, real estate agency presentations and promotions, real estate aerial videos and smart home technology innovations. And YouTube videos.

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    You need this track if your video or presentation is about:

  • modern education
  • optimistic lifestyle
  • positive event
  • inspiring travel
  • growing community
  • solid real estate
  • evolution of medicine and pharmaceuticals
  • the explanation for the pharmacy
  • international leader company
  • future of the corporation
  • development of the political company
  • worthy infographics
  • technology innovation
  • prosperous politics
  • election interview
  • considerable team contribution
  • bank deposite
  • synergy of teamwork and production
  • production extension
  • significant earnings
  • commercial promo
  • marketing potential
  • motivating staff
  • sure growth
  • profit growing
  • presentation introduction
  • serious tutorial
  • prodution instruction
  • sure success
  • advertising of future
  • modern adds
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