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Awesome track, the soundquality is superb!

Thanks for the kind words! Very appreciated ;-)

Nice work. A pleasure to listen.

Thank you very much! Very appreciated!

You are welcome! Thank you so much for using our track in your awesome project! We are glad that you like our music!

hi there, forgive my beginner syndrome but how do i use the track on my wordpress site

thankyou so much in advance

steve williams

Hi justwebdesigns,

as far as I know you can include the track in a playlist or something like that to make it audible on your wordpress site or maybe you have to include such a player first like a plug-in. But to get some very helpful information about that please feel free to use the forums on “Themeforest”, there a lot of people who exactly know how to make it!

This file includes WAV and also MP3 formats! So both can be easily used for your needs!

Thanks for your interest in our music!

Kind regards,

Starbug Sound

Beautiful!! Thanks!

You are welcome! Glad that you like it!

great work! sounds very good!

Thank you very much! That’s very kind ;-)

Awesome track!

Thank you very much!

Drum track is ever-so-slightly loose in some points but that’s being really picky. Nice airy feel. Would make a nice track for a short photo slideshow.

Pretty difficult to imagine that a Dr. Octorex drumloop from a Reason 6 library that was used here has some loose points as it is all heavily quantized in my humble opinion. Maybe they had the intention to apply some human feel?

Either way, thanks for taking the time to check out and comment our track ;-)

Sweet! Really enjoy the tune & the sound quality.

That’s great! Thank you very much!

this is an awesome track, however if i want to use it in youtube, how do i give the credits?

Thank you so much for your interest and your nice comment!

Well, it is very simple, just add a link to our track and mention our name “Starbug Sound” in the video description of your YouTube video! That would be very fantastic!

Thank you so much again!

this is an awesome track, however if i want to use it in youtube, how do i give the credits?

Thanks so much for free item!!! Good luck to you!!!

You are welcome! Great that you like it!

This is an excellent track.

I downloaded it as it was offered as a free item for November 2012 with the “one free regular license”.

I would like to use this track in one of my iPhone apps for the opening scene. There’s a free version and a paid version. Does this “one free regular license” cover it?

Hi Jason,

many thanks for your nice comment and your interest in our music! Very appreciated. The “one regular license” covers only one version, in your case the free version. So you are allowed to use the free downloaded track for one single application. If you want to use this track also for the paid version, you have to buy one extended license of this track for the second, paid version!

Hope this helps!

Thanks again for requesting!

Good luck with your app!


Starbug Sound

Awesome,Pleasure to listen :)

Best of Luck :)

Thank you very much! Very appreciated ;-)