Radio Imaging

Radio Imaging

Track Description

Ten unique transitions , three of which have variations for a total of sixteen radio imaging effects. All of these transitions share a similar sonic quality while still remaining unique from one another. Perfectly suited to give your program the unified identity it deserves. For ease of use these transition are pre mixed and ready to be dropped into your project. The lengths of these radio imaging effects range between 0:04 sec and 0:12 sec .

Track Listing :

Ident 1: 0:12
Ident 2: 0:10
Ident 2a: 0:10
Ident 3: 0:10
Ident 4: 0:07
Ident 5: 0:09
Ident 6: 0:10
Ident 6a: 0:08
Ident 6b: 0:10
Ident 6c: 0:07
Ident 7: 0:09
Ident 7a: 0:09
Ident 7b: 0:09
Ident 8: 0:04
Ident 9: 0:08
Ident 10: 0:11

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