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cool. reminds me of zelda.

Thanks…I don’t know it though.

Great, it has some Danny Elfman feel inside!!!!

Really? That is a compliment.

nice job on this one. Short with some nice subtle changes

Thanks funkyfreshmedia…appreciate the compliment!

Amazing story!! :)) Like it!

Thanks GhostArt!! :)

Very nice track, reminds me of Halloween :)

Thanks for tuning in! ;)

cut the rope or similar smart phone video game to a T

Thanks ZataraMusic! :)

very cool! :) Especially the vocal part !!! )))))

Thanks so much! :)

I thought for sure this melody was one from Zelda, but then I did some searching and it’s from Super Mario RPG. I could never forget that melody! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DLm78UpqSg

Sounds a bit like it but its just coincidence as I’ve never played Super Mario or heard this before! :)

great minds think alike! :)

Fantastic track! Vocal part is amazing =)))

Thank you Nuclearmetal. Very kind of you! :)