Quick Logo Sting Pack

Quick Logo Sting Pack

SAVE 50% WITH THIS PACK!! (instead of buying the logos separate)

In this great pack you get 8 audio Logo/Ident items with a total of 22(!) variations.
Perfect for company or any kind of organisation logos, for your ads, films or movies.

Notice: The preview shows only one version of each logo, but all versions are included as you would buy all the single items for the full price. To listen to all variations you get, please visit the item page of each included logo by following the links below.

Save a lot of money when you buy all these logos in this pack!

List of includes items and variations:
  • Electro Streak Logo (4 versions included)
    Electro Streak Logo without SFX 0:06 (just the music, long version)
    Electro Streak Logo with SFX 0:06 (music & sound FX, long version)
    Electro Streak Logo without SFX short 0:03 (just the music, short version)
    Electro Streak Logo with SFX short 0:03 (music & sound FX, short version
  • Epic Impact Logo 02 (2 versions included)
    Epic Impact Logo without SFX 0:07 (just the music)
    Epic Impact Logo without SFX 0:07 (including SFX
  • Laser Writing Logo (3 versions included)
    Laser Writing Logo without SFX 0:06 (just the music)
    Laser Writing Logo with sightsabre SFX 0:06 (including lightsabre SFX)
    Laser Writing Logo with burning SFX 0:06 (including laser cutting SFX)
  • Piano Logo Reveal 2 (4 versions included)
    Piano Logo Reveal 2 0:04
    Piano Logo Reveal 2 no violins 0:04 same without the violins run
    Piano Logo Reveal 2 long release 0:06 same with a reverb on the last note
    Piano Logo Reveal 2 long release no violins 0:06 same without the violins runs
  • Swish Logo (2 versions included)
    Swish Logo with SFX 0:07 (with swish sound FX)
    Swish Logo without SFX 0:07 (just the music) note
  • Spiral Particels Logo (2 versions included)
    Spiral Particles Logo with SFX 0:07 music & SFX
    Spiral Particles Logo only SFX 0:07 only SFX without the music
  • Short Particle Logo (4 versions included)
    Short Particle Logo 1 0:04
    Short Particle Logo 2 0:05
    Short Particle Logo 3 0:04
    Short Particle Logo 4 0:05
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These tracks has been used in the following video templates on videohive:

                Energetic Particle Reveal from Creattive

        Glass Sphere Logo Reveal from J-Drake

        Glass Sphere Logo Reveal from jaycoxprod

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