Punk Rock Pack

Punk Rock Pack

This is a bundle of three great punk rock items from my portfolio:

1. Punk Rock

An energetic upbeat modern punk rock / skate punk piece, inspired by the classics of modern teenage punk rock bands like Sum 41, Simple Plan, Blink 182 and similar. Designed to be a great teenager comedy soundtrack for a movie like American Pie, Eurotrip, Scary Movie and so on.

The track is based on a simple and catchy guitar theme, played in several variations along with crazy pop punk distorted guitars, dense and crunchy picked bass, punchy garage punk drum kit and rising sound effects.

The main vibe of the piece is happy, careless and joyful. It catches the essence of youth, adventures, travelling, wilderness and power, and will be a perfect skate punk background for media connected with sports, teenagers, graffiti, youth activities, friendship, summer camp, fun amateur sport competitions and much more.

Comes with 3 different dynamic versions:

1. Extended Dynamic / Long – 1:38

2. Optimal Dynamic / Medium – 1:17

3. Commercial 30s cut / Short – 0:35

2. Punk

This is an energetic vintage punk rock track in the best traditions of Sex Pistols and Ramones mixed up with modern garage soung or the new school bands like Sum 41 and Blink 182. It has a catchy overdriven fuzzy guitars riff, punchy fast drum groove, percussion, picked bass guitar and sound effects.

The structure of the track is developing dynamically with a short intro, kicking in main theme, extra guitar lead part, a drop in the middle, bright culmination and a sharp ending. It will perfectly suit any media that needs a positive driving rock background, like street art festival, college party video, school event promo, afterparty footage, birthday photos slideshow, skateboard or bike tricks, youth sportswear commercial and much more.

Two versions in the package wav+mp3 ready to use:

1. Long – 1:50

2. Short – 0:52

3. Upbeat Punk Rock

This is an upbeat positive fun rock piece with based on a catchy uplifting guitar riff in The Offspring pop punk style, punchy rock drum kit, dense skate punk bass sound, percussion and hand claps.

The piece has a smoothly developing structure with a rising introduction, main verse, a drop in the middle and bright chorus with extra guitar lead. It will be of a great use for holiday videos, children or teenage commercial, web showreel, youtube channel royalty free background music, kids event or birthday slideshow, TV or radio show soundtrack and much more.

Comes with 2 versions both wav+mp3 ready to use:

1. Main – 1:16

2. Short – 0:40