Punchy Funk Pop Pack

Punchy Funk Pop Pack

Punchy Funk Pop Pack

‘Punchy Funk Pop Pack’ is a collection of fresh and modern tracks, all with their own unique grooving style.

1. Punchy Funk Pop (5 versions)
‘Punchy Funk Pop’ is an energetic and upbeat pop track with a soulful groove. It features a hard-hitting beat, grooving electric bass, funky electric guitar and a catchy horn section. Ideal for product demos, kickstarter videos, intros, animations and games.

Included with the full version are a selection of lengths for easy editing;

Punchy Funk Pop – Full (2:14)
Punchy Funk Pop – 60s (1:00)
Punchy Funk Pop – 30s (0:30)
Punchy Funk Pop – 10s (0:10)
Punchy Funk Pop – Looped (2:13)

2. Chilled Out Groove (4 versions)
‘Chilled Out Groove’ is a soulful, relaxed funk track with grooving drums, catchy bass guitar and a melodic horn section. This track is perfect as a backing track to cooking videos, travel blogs, presentations and product commercials.

Included with the full version is a medium length version, a short version and a looped version;

Chilled Out Groove – Full (1:51)
Chilled Out Groove – 60s (1:00)
Chilled Out Groove – 30s (0:30)
Chilled Out Groove – Looped (1:15)

3. Uplifting Chilled Groove (4 versions)
‘Uplifting Chilled Groove’ is a relaxing, funky and soulful track with a chilled out atmosphere. It features grooving drums and muted electric bass, with spaced out electric piano, Hammond organ and ambient electric guitar. Ideal for product demos, cooking and travel videos.

Included with the main version are medium, short and looped versions;

Uplifting Chilled Groove – Full (2:02)
Uplifting Chilled Groove – 60s (1:00)
Uplifting Chilled Groove – 30s (0:30)
Uplifting Chilled Groove – Looped (2:07)

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Punchy Funk Pop Pack