Proudly Presenting

Proudly Presenting

A hard hitting rock track with crunchy guitars, synths, smooth bass and electronic drums. An anthemic fusion of hard rock grungy guitar riffs, with synths, smooth electronic bass, and poppy electronic drums which evolve into a drum ‘n’ bass style.

This track would be perfect for AE projects, corporate use, in advertising and corporate video, or to convey a positive, winning feel in sports projects.

I’ve provided two full length versions, (the second of which is exactly the same as the first but without the “Proudly Presenting” vocal at 0:19)

Also supplied is seamless loop from the 1st ‘verse’, a seamless loop of the quiet middle section, and an ending. This gives you ultimate flexibility to re-arrange the track as you like, to extend it, and be able to finish it cleanly. I can supply more loops upon request, but it would be easy to drop the track into a sequencer yourself, set the tempo to 145 bpm, and cut some more seamless loops from any section.

The zip contains the following variations in both wav and mp3 formats, which are played in full, in this order on the preview:

Full Track With “Proudly Presenting” vocal: 2:33
Full Track No Vocal: 2:33
Seamless Verse Loop: 0:06 (taken from 0:20-26 of the main track)
Seamless Quiet Middle Section Loop: 0:06 (taken from 1:26-32 of the main track)
Ending: 0:14 (taken from 2:19-33 of main track)

Videohive authors are more than welcome to use the watermarked preview in their work, please email me if you do so I can link back to you.

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