Powerful Short-form Music Pack

Powerful Short-form Music Pack

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A collection of short but high impact tracks that will suit trailers / promos / spots very well. The main theme here is power and intensity.

Epic Horn Of Doom 0:30

A piece that can be used either as a logo / ident, a cue for a powerful scene in a film / video game, or a short piece of powerful music to introduce a trailer, this track heavily features a french horn, trombone, and tuba. It also features the infamous vuvuzela, but very heavily modified.

Immense power, with a degree of ‘rawness’ and ‘edginess’ that will grab the attention of the listener regardless of the circumstance.

Rising Tension 1:00

A short track that is constantly rising in tension right until the denouement at 0:50.

Repeating patterns and textures start first in the low strings and then gradually, to increase tension, are echoed and repeated in higher strings throughout the track. There is also the addition of a piano to add a little bit of softness to the slightly harsh / aggressive nature of the way the strings are playing (short, hard, and fast)

This track would be very suitable for any dark, dramatic scene, and particularly the closing track for a trailer.

Intense Pulsating Intro 1:11

An electronic-infused track. A low pulsating bass sound gradually builds and builds with different harsh metallic instruments being added on top.

A synth drum kit accentuates the pulsating throughout until the final build where a cacophony of sweeps and risers bring the build to a close. What follows are 4 enormous drum hits, which are certainly guaranteed to attract attention.

The track closes with a reflective echo of the pulsating sound and general madness that came just before.

Most definitely suitable for high-impact productions and intros.

Orchestral Trailer Finisher 0:37

An epic, over the top, bombastic, loud full orchestral piece that works well as the closing sequence to a trailer or product advertisement. Might work well as a high impact piece for other productions as well.

There really isn’t anything subtle about this. Fast strings are accompanied by rising horns, and the idea is repeated through right until the end of the piece, where there are repeated booms/accents to finish it off and bring it to a close.

The repetitive, constantly driving and aggressive nature of this track is its main selling point, and is suitable for projects which match those adjectives!

That’s it for this pack, hope you find it useful.