Powerful Hip-Hop Energy Kit

Powerful Hip-Hop Energy Kit

Based on my original AudioJungle track:

Powerful Hip-Hop Energy

Energetic and powerful hip-hop trap track. Perfect for car ads, sport videos, extreme sports videos, rap video, hip hop project and more!

What’s inside?

• 13 “no tails” song sections, trimmed on the beat to help you quickly arrange and snap together a guide track for your project. • 13 matching “tails” song sections, with natural audio endings for smooth transitions and a seamless final result. • 3 ready-to-use demo arrangements for extra convenience and inspiration. • All audio files are provided as high quality WAV (44.1 kHz / 16-bit).

Files included in this Music Kit:

01.Intro (0:10) 02.Verse 1 P.1 (0:10) 03.Verse 1 P.2 (0:10) 04.Vhorus 1 P.1 (0:10) 05.Chorus 1 P.2 (0:10) 06.Bridge P.1 (0:10) 07.Bridge P.2 (0:10) 08.Verse 2 P.1 (0:10) 09.Verse 2 P.2 (0:10) 10.Chorus 2 P.1 (0:10) 11.Chorus 2 P.2 (0:10) 12.Outro (0:10) 13.End (0:10)

All these tracks are available in two versions: Tails and No Tails.

Demos: Demo 1 (2:06): (01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13) Demo 2 (1:04): (01,02,03,04,05,12,13) Demo 3 (0:23): (04,05,13)

Associations and mood: action hip-hop music, hip hop sport music, hip hop, electronic hip-hop beat, energetic hip-hop mood, hip-hop commercial, hip-hop drums, action rap, urban, catchy street, hip-hop street beat, powerful hip hop, inspiring hip-hop, intense hip-hop, extreme corporate epic trap, cars hip-hop, trap music, background hip-hop

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