Powerful Energy Sport Rock Pack

Powerful Energy Sport Rock Pack


An energy rock pack made up of three powerful tracks, many versions, good performance, well suited for any sport and extreme video, racing, driving, games and much more.

Tracks Included to the Pack:

1. Energetic Rock

Powerful Energetic track, smashing drums and distortion guitars. Perfect for video production, background music, YouTube and more and more!

  1. 01 Energetic Rock – 2:29
  2. 02 Energetic Rock v2 – 2:02
  3. 03 Energetic Rock v3 – 1:05
  4. 04 Energetic Rock v4 – 0:38

2. Energy Sport Rock

Powerful, energetic rock track with hard overdrive guitars, bass, drums, claps and synth. Perfect for advertising, car chases and driving video, promotion, sports motivation, action movies, trailer, soundtrack, commerce, games, applications, and many other media projects. Thank you for attention.

  1. 01 Energy Sport Rock- 2:06
  2. 02 Energy Sport Rock v2 – 1:15
  3. 03 Energy Sport Rock v3 – 1:15
  4. 04 Energy Sport Rock v4 – 0:50
  5. 05 Energy Sport Rock no solo – 2:06

3. Powerful Energy Rock

It’s a powerful, energetic track, with live sound, heavy guitars, drums and bass, well suited for extreme sports, driving, games, fights, advertising, running, and more. There are two versions, in one of which I removed the guitar solo. Thank you for attention

  1. 01 Powerful Energy Rock – 2:27
  2. 02 Powerful Energy Rock no solо – 2:27