Positive Ukulele Introduction

Positive Ukulele Introduction

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An upbeat, catchy piece of music, which brings to mind things such as happiness, moving forward and making the most out of life.

The track begins with a simple ukulele chord progression which is soon accompanied with some snaps, claps, hats and brushes on the snare. At 0:12 a light and memorable melody enters, played on a glockenspiel, along with the double bass and full drum kit; all of which heighten the positive mood. The piece concludes with two distinct tones, a bass lick and one last ukulele strum; a clearly defined ending.

Included in the download are: the original track and a version without the glockenspiel melody (suitable for voice overs etc.)

Positive Ukulele Introduction (with melody) | 0:40

Positive Ukulele Introduction (no melody) | 0:40


Now Included in the download is a short loop able version of the track, without any drums or bass, just ukulele, finger snaps, claps and glockenspiel!

Positive Ukulele Introduction (melodic loop) | 0:12

Ideal for: short adverts / video introductions / corporate presentations / company logos

Love the track but there’s something you would like altered; maybe you would like a longer, shorter or even loop able version? Drop me a message.

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