Positive Playful Classic

Positive Playful Classic


Positive commercial classic

Carefree and positive classical track. Light and playful piano main theme with orchestra creates carefree mood. This kind of music is perfect for so many purposes: business and corporate animations, visualisation any projects about new ideas and creativity, videos about nature, funny videos for kids, families and more. This music will give anyone a bright and sunny mood. Instruments: piano, cello, violin, flute, contrabass, viola, bell.

save your money

You can choose any of 4 different length options and customizable for your video. All versions in both formats: WAV & MP3.

Music Kit

Archive contains 4 versions

  • Main (2:22) – Full version.(in preview from start)

  • Short (1:25) – Short version with all instruments. Good for standart Youtube video.(in preview from 2:22)

  • Extra Short (0:44) – Short version without bridge.(in preview from 3:47)

  • Extra Short Soft (0:53) – More softly short version without bridge with piano variations.(in preview from 4:31)

Feel good and have a nice day!

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