Positive Day Kit

Positive Day Kit

Positive Day Kit - 1

This is a wonderful, cheerful and light-hearted jingle that captures hearts and gives a beautiful background to any media project. Ideal when complimenting animal videos, advertisements, radio and podcast skits, children’s content and funny videos online. Can also be partnered with presentations, documentaries, how-to videos and more to add a distinctive layer of happiness to your project. A soft and gentle mixdown leaves plenty of room for a voice over should your project require it.

Based on my original AudioJungle item:

Used acoustic guitars, ukuleles, piano, celesta, marimba, Hammond organ, whistle, vocal hooks, bass, drums and percussion.

Wave files included in this KIT:

01_Intro01 (0:09) Based on Verse01

02_Intro02 (0:09) Based on Verse01, bass added

03_Verse01_Marimba_Whistle (0:09) Theme 01 in marimba and whistle

04_Chorus01_Whistle_Piano (0:09) Chorus theme 01 in whistle and piano

05_Chorus02_Whistle_Piano (0:09) Chorus theme 02 in whistle and piano

06_Verse02_Guitar_Celesta_NoBass (0:09) Theme 02 in guitar and celesta, no bass

07_Verse02_Guitar_Piano (0:09) Theme 02 in guitar and piano

08_Chorus01_Guitar_Marimba (0:09) Chorus theme 01 in guitar and marimba

09_Chorus02_Guitar_Marimba (0:09) Chorus theme 02 in guitar and marimba

10_Verse02_Whistle_Marimba (0:09) Theme 02 in whistle and marimba

11_Chorus02_Whistle_Marimba (0:09) Chorus theme 02 in whistle and marimba

12_Verse01_Whistle_Celesta (0:09) Theme 01 in whistle and celesta

13_Verse01_Whistle_Guitar (0:09) Theme 01 in whsitle and guitar

14_Chorus01_Whistle_Guitar (0:10) Chorus theme 01 in whistle and guitar

15_Outro (0:09) Based on Verse01

16_EndTone (0:04) End tone

Demo ready for use

Demo01_AllMainSections – 2:31

Demo02_Short – 2:02

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The pictures below show the mood of the track.

Positive Day Kit - 3

Positive Day Kit - 4

Positive Day Kit - 5

Positive Day Kit - 6