Positive Commercial 2

Positive Commercial 2

Here it is.

Summer and sunny days just behind the corner, days are warmer and longer, so it’s time to bring this positive and happy mood to our commercial royalty free music.

As I do like sound set in my “Hope” and “Positive Commercial” songs I kind of mixed them together and here it is.

In this one guitar arpeggio is bit more exposed as it’s got bit stronger distortion effect and this very nice “Irish delay” kind of echo giving it more distinction and make it bit more epic. You will find also nice acoustic piano and some bells in breakdown in the middle. There is also nice reversed guitar effect – this one is acoustic one.

Whole composition is build on kind of very light house or maybe electronic dance rhythm, but I think it fits perfectly making whole this thing very modern.

Now available for only $6.25 as a part of pack

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Nice and “soft” house style loop:
Take it easy

...and some drum and bass stuff:
media intro 1
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media loop 1
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