Positive and Inspiring Dance Pack 3

Positive and Inspiring Dance Pack 3

ANtarcticbreeze, Stockmusicclouds
Positive and Inspiring Dance Pack 3. Perfect for TV/Radio Broadcast, Advertising, YouTube, Film.


  1. Out of Space

    • Out of Space (main) 5:03
    • Out of Space (cut) 2:41
    • Out of Space (loop) 0:59
    • Out of Space (loop2) 0:59

  2. Upbeat Dancing Modern House

    • Upbeat Dancing Modern House (main) 4:09
    • Upbeat Dancing Modern House (cut) 2:22
    • Upbeat Dancing Modern House (loop) 1:00
    • Upbeat Dancing Modern House (loop2) 0:30
    • Upbeat Dancing Modern House (loop3) 0:30

  3. Love on Mars

    • Love on Mars (main) 4:59
    • Love on Mars (cut) 2:10
    • Love on Mars (loop) 1:01
    • Love on Mars (loop2) 1:01

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