Popular Classical Children's Themes

Popular Classical Children's Themes

Three very famous and popular classic theme which are commonly used in children’s cartoons, performances, celebrations, etc.
Includes 12 WAV plus 12 MP3 in the main file !!!

1.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Themes: 0:32
Four loop variants with different sounds: Piano, Music Box, Harpsichord and Celesta.
1. TTLS-Piano: 0:32
2. TTLS-MusicBox: 0:32
3. TTLS-Harpsichord: 0:32
4. TTLS-Celesta: 0:32

2.The Flea Waltz: 0:44
Three different versions included in the main file:
1. The Flea Waltz: 0:44 (Solo Piano)
2. The Flea Waltz – Orch: 0:44 (Orchestra version)
3. The Flea Waltz – Retro: 0:17 (Played with the effect of retro piano) Looped Audio!!!

3.Für Elise Themes: 1:04
Five variants with different sounds: Piano, Celesta, Guitar, Marimba, and Pizzicato.
1. For Elise-Piano: 1:04
2. For Elise-Celesta: 1:04
3. For Elise-Guitar: 1:04
4. For Elise-Marimba: 1:04
5. For Elise-Pizzicato: 1:04

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Popular Classical Children’s Themes
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