Summer Upbeat Energetic Pop Pack

Summer Upbeat Energetic Pop Pack

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Pop Pack is three energetic and upbeat pop track with electric guitars. Ideal for uplifting and positive summer video, energetic dance, any commercial, advertising, corporate and business use. Used: acoustic guitars energetic indie rock guitars, light pop drums, electric pianos, pop synths, pop dance piano, modern deep sidechained bass, male vocal, vocal hooks, air pads. Similar artists: Maroon 5, Two Door Cinema Club, Coldplay and others

IMPORTANT: the ZIP file includes ALL versions of all tracks (all loops and versions)

  1. Upbeat Pop
    • Upbeat Pop Full – 2:09
    • Upbeat Pop 1m – 1:00
    • Upbeat Pop 30s – 0:30
    • Upbeat Pop Full (no vocals) – 2:09

  2. Energetic Summer Upbeat Pop

    • Energetic Summer Upbeat Pop Full – 1:59
    • Energetic Summer Upbeat Pop 1m – 1:00
    • Energetic Summer Upbeat Pop 30s – 0:30
    • Energetic Summer Upbeat Pop (no vocals) – 1:59

  3. Energetic Upbeat Pop
    • Energetic Upbeat Pop Full – 2:28
    • Energetic Upbeat Pop 1m – 1:00
    • Energetic Upbeat Pop 30s – 0:30

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