Pop Uplifting Summer Pack 3

Pop Uplifting Summer Pack 3

Pop Uplifting Summer Pack 3 it is a collection of uplifting, optimistic electronic dance pop. Genres: dance, pop, disco, edm, indie rock, indie pop. Positive Dance Pop great for uplifting videos, any energetic video, dance video, commercial and corporate videos, advertising, modern background for presentations, motivating and inspiring video.

Pop Pack contains 5 tracks:

1.Summer Party Pop

1) Full – 1:11

2) Short – 0:30

2.Summer Pop

Full – 1:44

3.Pop Summer Disco

1) Full – 2:06

2) Short – 0:32

4.Pop Fashion

Full – 2:06

5.Pop Corporate

1) Full with lead – 1:56

2) Short with lead – 0:52

3) Full no lead – 1:56

4) Short no lead – 0:52

I am sure that this stylish music is perfect for many projects: Dance projects, advertising and different publications, Corporate Use, Commercial use, Mobile Phone App, Commercial, TV or Radio Advert,enjoyable and Fun projects, upbeat and optimistic video, Video Game Soundtrack, Videohive Preview, Viral Marketing Campaign, Business and Corporate Promotional Presentation, Home Video, Youtube Video Theme Tune, Background Music, Web and more