Ping Pong Balls Pack

Ping Pong Balls Pack

‘Ping Pong Balls Pack’ is a very versatile Pack with Ping Pong (Table Tennis) Sounds,
both as single hits and scenes, including a Ping Ping match and a final montage for the
Videohive template ‘The Domain’ of Motionworks

Nine sound FX are included (in order of appearance in the preview):
  • Ping Pong Match (scene montage) 0:14
  • Drop on Table (single sound) 0:01
  • Ping Hit (single sound) 0:01
  • Pong Hit (single sound) 0:01
  • Bounce on Table (single sound) 0:04
  • Rolling on Table (single sound) 0:03
  • Many Balls Rolling (single sound) 0:04
  • Many Balls Dropping (single sound) 0:03
  • Scene Montage Many Balls Dropping, Rolling and Bouncing (scene montage) 0:20
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