Peaceful Spirits Pack

Peaceful Spirits Pack

(MW / SB) – Resounding peace. Soft, gentle, a happy and relaxing vibe that dances around the mind, inviting pleasant and positive imagery.

Let yourself fall into it’s lull in this pack designed for the spirit’s relaxation!

We hope you enjoy!

What you’ll get:

- 9 FULL Songs
- 1 Loop

Every song/loop in order of appearance:

- 1: Alone At Night
- 2: A Warm Wind
- 3: The Morning Mist
- 4: Solemn Spirits
- 5: The Hungry Frustrated Hippo
- 6: Tutorial Island
- 7: Everlasting Times
- 8: Gentle Hopes
- 9: Bond of Brothers
- 10: A World So Cold

In short, over 19 !! minutes of relaxing and meditative audio!

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