Over the Horizon

Over the Horizon

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successful business anthem

Song Info

“Over the Horizon” has the uplifting, motivational and positive feeling of success, accomplishment, achievement and a great atmosphere – a dreamy and powerful pop/rock track featuring a “guitar harmonics” and bright piano melody. Perfect for advertising, tv, youtube, vimeo and daily motion videos, documentaries, corporate and motivational videos and presentations. Main instruments used: electric guitar, bass, drumkit, piano, glockenspiel / bells.

For added flexibility, four versions are included:

1. Over the Horizon – “Standart Edit”
2. Over the Horizon – “Short Edit” – just intro, first verse and refrain
3. Over the Horizon – “Refrain Edit” – just the refrain
4. Over the Horizon – “Bridge Edit” – just the bridge of the song

Song Structure


0:00 Intro & introducing the main melody
0:15 First verse
0:30 First refrain
0:44 Second verse
1:15 Second refrain
1:30 Bridge
2:00 Last extended refrain
2:30 Outro

3:04 Over the Horizon (Short Edit)
3:52 Over the Horizon (Refrain Edit)
4:26 Over the Horizon (Bridge Edit)

Audio Files Included

4 versions, including wav and mp3

1. Over the Horizon 3:04
2. Over the Horizon (Short Edit) 0:47
3. Over the Horizon (Refrain Edit) 0:33
4. Over the Horizon (Bridge Edit) 0:33


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