Out of this World Cinematic Pack 2

Out of this World Cinematic Pack 2

Out of this World Cinematic Pack 2 is full of some beautifully epic piano and string scores. They generally began simple with a nice piano line and grow and evolve into a more majestic fanfare involving violins and brass instruments. This is a great deal at 50% discount price. Don’t miss these gorgeous cinematic songs with out-of-this-world titles!  :)

Track list:
1. Heroes of the Heavens, 1:55, WAV and MP3 included, 0:00-1:55 in preview
2. Speed Across the Sky, 2:42, WAV and MP3 included, 1:55-4:37 in preview
3. Hero of Another World, 3:26, WAV and MP3 included, 4:37-8:05 in preview
4. Lament of the Galaxies, 2:32, WAV and MP3 included, 8:05-10:37 in preview

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