Orchestral Fantasy Pack

Orchestral Fantasy Pack

A collection of epic orchestral fantasy music to give a powerful kick to your projects!

This music is ideal for fantasy, dark fantasy, and mysterious projects, especially video games and trailers. The many variations included increase the usability of these tracks, with scene-length, trailer-length, and commercial length versions included.

Cinematic Fantasy: 2:20

5 versions included:

“Cinematic Fantasy” complete: 2:20

“Cinematic Fantasy” variation 1: 1:50

“Cinematic Fantasy” variation 2: 1:20

“Cinematic Fantasy” variation 3: 0:50

“Cinematic Fantasy” variation 4: 0:20

Epic Journey: 2:34

4 versions included:

“Epic Journey” complete: 2:34

“Epic Journey” varitaion 1: 1:51

“Epic Journey” varitaion 2: 1:21

“Epic Journey” variation 3: 0:34

Fantasy Buildup: 2:30

2 versions included:

“Fantasy Buildup” complete: 2:30

“Fantasy Buildup” short edit: 1:29