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Thank you! Glad to know that you like it!

Wow, I’m excited by this music! I’ll use it in my future project :bigsmile:

Thanks GrandTerr! Can’t wait to see your future project with this sound. Would you mind to give me the link when you made it?

Thank you again.

Sounds really Great!

Thank you Steve! Unbelievable items in your portfolio!! Very High quality!

thanks for nice sound i linked in my project : http://videohive.net/item/crystal-glass/2682048

Absolutely amazing! Thank you hand good luck!

Great work:)

Thank you so much!! :D

Very very beautiful. I reálny like it. And i used it in my preview .

Thank you very much! If you provide us a link to your preview, we can add it in the item info. :)

? What does it mean?

Such a great and beautiful piece. I used it recently in a preview which no doubt will lead to more sales. Thank you.


Absolutely outstanding! Thank you for using my music and for sharing! Good luck, man!

Man this is beautiful!! Remarkable and terrific job. Thank you for using my music. Good luck, man!

Thank you dude! Best regards!

It looks like something wrong with coments pannel :)

I posted just one message

Don’t worry man, more is better! :D

If you about sales, then yes! ;)

This track is awesome. Would you ever consider making a slightly longer version with the same ending? say a 30 second version? or even 15 secs?

Hello! Thank you for suggesting. I actually have a longer version. I definitely will update this item soon.

Good piece use on logo for the moment great work

Thank you! I’m glad you are satisfied :)