Orchestra Kit

Orchestra Kit

Orchestral epic kit for your cinematic projects. The track has a motivational, inspirational mood. The track was used such instruments: violin, cello, trumpets, horns, brass percussion,piano, synths, orchestral strings, drums and bass combine to create an optimistic and enveloping sound. Perfect for motivational and inspirational projects, historical video, business successful style, advertisement projects, commercials, presentations, film and TV, commercial projects, collages, news, Youtube videos, Vimeo videos and much more.

Based on my original AudioJungle item: Orchestra

Orchestra Kit preview::

  • Demo_Full_Version (2:30) (wav/mp3)
  • Demo_Middle_Version (1:55) (wav/mp3)
  • Demo_Short_Version (1:20) (wav/mp3)

No Tails:

  • 01_ExtraIntro(0:01)
  • 02_Intro_1(0:17)
  • 03_Intro_2(0:17)
  • 04_Intro_3(0:17)
  • 05_Down(0:02)
  • 06_Verse_1(0:17)
  • 07_Verse_2(0:17)
  • 08_Chorus_1(0:17)
  • 09_Chorus_2(0:17)
  • 10_Outro(0:15)
  • 11_End(0:07)
  • Tails:

  • 01_ExtraIntro_T(0:01)
  • 02_Intro_1_T(0:17)
  • 03_Intro_2_T(0:17)
  • 04_Intro_3_T(0:17)
  • 05_Down_T(0:02)
  • 06_Verse_1_T(0:17)
  • 07_Verse_2_T(0:17)
  • 08_Chorus_1_T(0:17)
  • 09_Chorus_2_T(0:17)
  • 10_Outro_T(0:15)
  • 11_End_T(0:07)
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