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I love it! I just tweeted this, I hope the sales keep on coming for you :)

Thanks mate!

Great track! ;)

Awesome track! Keep on your great work!

Gorgeous track, great sound. Good luck to you. Thank you! :)


Congrats on the feature!! I am looking forward to finishing some more collaborations!

cheers mate! me too

Excellent!! Very great music!!


Good job!! Very nice track!!!


thanks simaudio!

thanks Twiner!

cheers samsandr!

Killer track. Love it!

thanks for the purchase!

you have some great videos on youtube channel!

Nice work!

thanks SGA!

I love this drum sound..wish I knew how to get it! (hint, hint…) :grin:

hey filmtones, in Addictive Drums there’s a preset called “70’s Kit”... I used that one and layered the snare and hihats with slightly more hi-fi sounding samples

Hey, I just saw this reply today! Thanks for the tip, I really appreciate it!

no problem!

What a GREAT track! I just wanted to let you know, we used it in our latest video for our Macbook Dock that is on Kickstarter now (just so happens to be one of the most popular projects on Kickstarter!!). Take a look at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coleflournoy/zendock-the-best-dock-for-your-macbook—it is in the second video, the one with the Google Glass Zendock Demo.

Thanks for choosing my track Cole! And congratulations on the Kickstarter project!

thanks rssss

Great track, no wonder you have so many sales! :)

cheers josh!

Amazing sound, beautiful track! Take care)))

Good good job! Nice!