On the Run

On the Run

High-energy track with an exciting blend of orchestral and modern sounds. Moody and dramatic at the same time with somber horn and choir pads, fast string runs, punchy orchestra hits and powerful guitar chords.

This is the exact version as used in the Light Boards VideoHive project by Lunardrive

Bonus material added:
Now you also get both a wav and mp3 version of this track as used in the The Rake Media Pack by VideoHive producer Sharky

Construction Kit included:
Additionally, you also get 11 wav files of individual sections of both track versions. With this construction set you’ll be able to “build” your own track and adapt this composition to fit your projects.

Here’s a brief description of the 11 files:

1)Intro: the 1 bar choir hit as used in the “Rake” version.

2)Intro: the first 4 bars – don’t let the title deceive you, this part alone with the powerful orchestra hit, the rhythmic synth chords and the “stutter” fx can provide a great main backdrop for many types of projects.

3)Theme: the dramatic, somber, french horn theme

To give you more options for thematic variations I’ve split the main theme into 2 two bar sections.

4)Theme split (first 2 bars)
5)Theme split (second 2 bars)

6)Theme expanded: here’s where ethereal voices, choir, string and woodwind runs come into play.

7)Interlude: “stutter” fx, orchestra hits and distorted guitar

8 )Theme expanded with transition into ending: this adds the string/woodwind run leading into the ending.

9)Ending: the grand final

10)Ending: including the dramatic sweep hit from the “Rake” version.

11)Ending: just the sweep hit by itself in case you want to add the powerful effect into the mix somewhere else.

If you’ve already previously purchased – thank you :-) – just re-download the package to get all the additions.

If you haven’t bought yet, what are you waiting for? ;-)