Office Sound Pack

Office Sound Pack

Twelve classic office sounds. (Someone with his variations).

Fit perfectly for youtube presentations, applications software, video game, cartoon, advertising and many other project!

The sound package includes:

01-crumpling paper (0:03)

02-mouse click (0:01)

02-mouse click_2 (0:01)

03-Writing with markers (0:03)

04-Paper In The Trash (0:02)

05-scissor type 1 (0:01)

06-Sharpening A Pencil (0:11)

07-stapler (0:01)

08-Sticky Tape 1 (0:01)

08-Sticky Tape 2 (0:01)

09-curling up the tape (0:06)

10-tearing paper (0:01)

11-Typing on the keyboard quickly (0:12)

11-Typing on the keyboard slowly (0:10)

12-vintage phone ringing 1 (0:26)

Take a look in my portfolio for other office samples!

This is a pack of my single office sound samples. If you want a single samples, search in my portfolio (they have the same name of this samples). You can find a specific sample with more variations.

Both WAV and MP3 versions of the samples are included in the download package.

Thanks! Davide!