Ocean's Groove

Ocean's Groove

Drums, Bass and Electric Guitars – that’s all you need for a cool Groove. For the days when you need to rob a casino… A David Holmes-like sounding track, stylistically similar to Ocean’s trilogy movies.

Contains 5 versions, standardized to commercial lengths:

  1. Ocean’s Groove [1m30s] – 1:30
  2. Ocean’s Groove [2m30s] – 2:27
  3. Ocean’s Groove [60s] – 1:02
  4. Ocean’s Groove [1m30s, lite] – 1:30
  5. Ocean’s Groove [2m30s, lite] – 2:27
    lite versions do not contain electric guitar and synthesizers in the last sections.

Ideal for following use:

  • Commercial
  • Social Video
  • Advertisement
  • Presentation
  • Trailer
  • Documentary
  • Movie
  • Viral Marketing Campaign
  • Vacation video
  • Slideshow
  • Hotel or resort ad

Mix and match different versions to match your needs, for example:

  • Take shorter intro from the 1st version and insert it instead of the 2nd version’s longer one to create a unique track, that suits your needs better.

If you have any questions or if track customization is needed – please feel free to contact me via comments section, social networks or directly from profile page!

Thanks for choosing our track!