News Orchestral Theme

News Orchestral Theme

Energetic, emotional, orchestral News music theme… with 5 versions.

News Orchestral Theme and Versions:
1… Main Track – 75 second (1:17)
2… No Melody – Short Version – 40 sec (0:41) – in the preview start at 1:17
3… Logo-Ident Version – 24 sec (0:24) – start at 1:58
4… Short Logo-Ident Version – 18 sec (0:18) – start at 2:22
5… Loop – Background – 33 sec (0:33) – start at 2:40

     Used Instruments

Woodwinds: Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon
Brasses: Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba
Pitched Percussions: Xylophone, Piano, Tubular Bells
Percussion, Drums: Tom, Snare, Big Drum
Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Contra Bass (Legato, Staccato)

     Technical info

Tempo: 115 BPM, Signature: 4/4, Key: F

     Suggested Uses

“News Orchestral Theme” and versions are great for:

- Primetime news, 24 news, global news, news videos, intros, openings,
- Tv news, television broadcast, breaking news, award ceremonies,
- Uplifting and confident background for voice-overs, YouTube videos,
- Presentations, advertising, commercial and business projects,
- Powerful announcement, media advertising and commercial promo opening,
- Business report, epic corporate project, and so much more!

     Moods and Style

News Orchestral Theme is a fresh, orchestral, optimistic and inspiring corporate track.…
Sounds bright, successful and confident.
With a tense orchestral string intro, developing and vivid main part and a smashing final…
An epic orchestra, dynamic variations, and great arrangement…

     About music arrangement

+ This music track and versions are composed, arranged by Engin Bayrak.
+ Orchestration is made by Engin Bayrak with his instruments and licensed virtual instruments in his own studio.

     * For “24 bit” or other edits and versions, please contact.

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