Negative Events Set 2

Negative Events Set 2

Negative Events Set 2 – Dark Industrial Ambient

These short music phrases will be useful for highlighting negative or disturbing moments of your game, animation, video production, anywhere you would want to use this special effect. When the hero of yours finds oneself falling off the mountain, getting a sting from The Mutant Bee or just mistaking very badly, I’m pretty sure he would want this kind of music playing around!
This set contains four different effects to provide sound variety of your projects. Here’s the list of the files:

  • “Negative Event II – 1.wav” – 5.0sec
  • “Negative Event II – 2.wav” – 4.5sec
  • “Negative Event II – 3.wav” – 4.5sec
  • “Negative Event II – 4.wav” – 5.4sec
Both wav and mp3 files’ formats are included.
Note that my first set (Negative Events 1) has orchestral sound effects, so it could fit better for more solemn and epic projects.

If you want some custom edition of this piece, feel free to contact me. In simple cases this can be done for free.

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