Need For Speed

Need For Speed

‘Need For Speed’ is an energetic driving rock track with some twist and turns to keep things exciting and dynamic.

I hope this song can enhance your project, whether it be for corporate or personal use:

TV or Radio advert – Youtube Video – Podcast – Film – Television – Video Game Soundtrack – Social Media Marketing – School and College Work – Videohive Preview – Viral Marketing Campaign – Mobile Phone App – Business and Promotional Presentation – Home Video – Theme Tune – Youtube Channel Intro / Outro – Crowdfunding Video – Background Music – Slide Show – Documentary – Cinema – TV Promotion – Web – Holiday and Vacation Videos – Sports Media – Party / Gig Promo Video …

Thank You for Listening! :) BlueFoxMusic

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POWER UP One of my best selling tracks. Audiojungle ‘FEATURED ITEM’ Energize your project!

AMPED Energetic and instant punky melodic rock in a similar vein to Foo Fighters!

GRAND THEFT AUDIO Energetic electro/indie rock!

HEAVY DUTY Thunderous electro/indie rock!

HIGH VOLTAGE ROCK Amped up punchy rocker!

SHAKE IT LOOSE Exciting angular indie rock!

WAY ABOVE THE SKYLINE Addictive modern indie Synth Pop

ELECTRO PERFECTO Infectious and uplifting modern electro pop!

MIDNIGHT IN TOKYO Feel-good and infectious indie dance. MY BEST SELLING ITEM!

COLOSSUS Huge modern pumping electro track!

MOVERS & SHAKERS Addictive angular indie pop!

EPIC ROCK STAR ANTHEM Inspirational modern rock

HAPPY POP ROCK Energetic, Fun, Punky Pop Rock

GRIT ROCK Cool Lo-Fi Bluesy Garage Rock!

YOUNG SOULS Thumping Indie Rock! Punchy and gritty.

 photo Featured_zps35d0b3fe.jpg  photo Electro-Perfectogrey_zps0d15a139.jpg photo BlueGrooveDeluxgrey_zps6937c19e.jpg photo Life-Is-Goodgrey11_zps8d56743f.jpg photo That-Summer-Feeling_zpsd93b6481.jpg photo colossus_zps4dd9bdf4.jpg photo moversnshakersnew2_zps6c186ddf.jpg photo powerup_zps3d8c3a52.jpg photo shakeitloose_zps7aa75404.jpg photo MidnightInTokyo_zps0890c4af.jpg


FOUR TO THE FLOOR Tight modern infectious electro pop!

LIMITLESS Edgy, Soaring, Uplifting, Inspirational.

BRIGHT SPARKS Bright, fresh and catchy electro pop.

GET WITH IT! Daft Punk influenced robotic electro dance!

ROAD TRIPPING Sweet, Sunny and breezy acoustic track!

BATTLE ROYALE An intense heavy electronic metal battle anthem!

HOME SWEET HOME Heartwarming and uplifting ukulele and piano track!

INNOVATE Crisp Modern Piano Pop

BLUE GROOVE DELUXE Positive and pumping electro pop.

THE SECRETS OF SUCCESS Soaring and uplifting corporate / motivational rock.

THE GOOD LIFE Playful, Feel Good and Uplifting Corporate acoustic track.

CHASE THE STARS Uplifting pop with a killer chorus!

STARLIGHT Positive and inspirational track from my corporate collection.

ENERGETIC INTRO As it says on the tin… an energetic intro. Another best seller!

VICTORIOUS This one packs a punch with a huge anthemic chorus. Motivational and uplifting.

DRIVE 1985 80’s synth pop nostalgia!

IN SAFE HANDS A playful ukulele, piano and glockenspiel tune from the corporate category.


Blue Fox Music – Exclusive Audiojungle Author