Natalie's Smile

Natalie's Smile

Upbeat, positive and elegant corporate track that will beautifully enhance your presentations, videos and advertisements.

The track is based on a very simple, bouncy piano theme expressing a positive attitude. It builds up with a relaxed whistling melody and a powerful chorus that provide the emotional development around the main theme.

The lead instruments are accompanied with acoustic guitar, ukulele, synth pads, bass, drums and a bit of clapping.

This track includes additionally three short versions tailor-made for TV adversitements – 15, 20 and 30 second cuts. They can be heared in preview file after the main version. The small cuts are included only in MP3 format to keep the archive file small. The full length version of this track is available in both MP3 and WAV formats, and in two cuts: with ending and loopable. There is no faded out version this time because it didn’t suit to this track’s ending. The archive contains following files:

2:32 – NataliesSmile_ending.mp3
2:32 – NataliesSmile_ending.wav
2:30 – NataliesSmile_loop.mp3
2:30 – NataliesSmile_loop.wav
0:30 – NataliesSmile_cut30s.mp3 (at 2:30 in preview)
0:20 – NataliesSmile_cut20s.mp3 (at 3:00 in preview)
0:15 – NataliesSmile_cut15s.mp3 (at 3:20 in preview)

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