Movie Trailers Pack

Movie Trailers Pack

This pack includes 3 tracks for trailers and other your cinematic projects:

  1. Sci Fi Trailer – An epic, aggressive orchestral trailer using low synthesized transformer sounds, a string section and cinematic percussion. This is an excellent choice for advertising, science fiction, thrillers, action games and other epic projects.

    Included 4 tracks:

    • Sci Fi Trailer (Main) – 1:21
    • Sci Fi Trailer (Part 1) – 0:47
    • Sci Fi Trailer (Part 2) – 0:33
    • Sci Fi Trailer (Alternative Version) – 1:32

  2. Space Horror Trailer – A powerful, beautiful, disturbing, mystical track with the use of a piano, a string section, cinematic percussion and atmospheric synthesizer sounds. This is an excellent choice for space trailers, thrillers, horror, advertising and other visual design.

    Included 5 tracks:

    • Space Horror Trailer (Main) – 2:03
    • Space Horror Trailer (Part 1) – 0:30
    • Space Horror Trailer (Part 2) – 0:23
    • Space Horror Trailer (Part 3) – 1:11
    • Space Horror Trailer (Alternative)* – 1:42
    *The alternative version is slightly shorter than the main version.

  3. Cinematic Epic Trailer – A powerful, brutal, dynamic trailer track with pianos, electronic sounds of drones, string section, cinematic percussion and samples of a female voice. This is an excellent choice for epic, thrillers, investigations and other trailers.

    Includes 2 versions:

    • Cinematic Epic Trailer (Main) – 2:06
    • Cinematic Epic Trailer (without Vocal) – 2:06
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