Motivational Uplifting Corporate Pack

Motivational Uplifting Corporate Pack

Motivational Uplifting Corporate Pack consists of three motivational upbeat background music tracks (and their versions). This energetic uplifting and inspirational corporate ambient music will be good as a background in a different kind of corporate and commercial projects, documentary background soundtracks, new technology presentations, educational films, creative design and architectural projects, slow motion, sports, advertising and much more…

Sounds great in:

  • business presentations;
  • technology presentations;
  • gadget presentations;
  • slideshows;
  • infographic videos;
  • commercials;
  • professional showreels;
  • business promotion videos;
  • any inspirational projects.
Pack includes 3 tracks with variations:

Uplifting Motivational Corporate
Main version – 2:13

Ambient Music
Original version – 2:24
Light version – 2:24
One minute version – 1:14

Corporate Motivations
Main version – 2:31
First version – 2:00
Second version – 1:38

Why this music pack is a profitable for you?
  • Flexibility: wide range of applications;
  • Huge discount!: 50%

To Videohive authors. You are always welcome, and you can use our preview tracks free in your video projects. We only ask you to link to our Audiojungle profile in the description of your item and to inform us about this so we can advertise your video too. Thank you!