Motivational Sports

Motivational Sports

This track has slow but pushing flow as someone is trying the best he can on the edge of possible. The track contains stomps, claps, guitar, piano, synths, strings, sub bass and drops.

This track may accomplish video projects related to:

  • Advertising Video
  • Commercial Video
  • Street Lifestyle Video
  • Urban Lifestyle Video
  • Motivational Sports
  • Brand commercial
  • Fashion media
  • Broadcasting Background
  • Backstage Video
  • Vlog
  • Radio Background
  • Promotion Video
  • Outfit Presentation
  • Sports
  • Sport wear advertise
  • Sport shoes advertise
  • Extreme Videos

Purchase contains 4 versions both MP3, WAV

  1. Main Track 2:08
  2. Main Track (No Vocals) 2:08 (From 2:10 in Preview)
  3. Short Track 1:07 (From 4:21 in Preview)
  4. Short Track (No Vocals) 1:07 (From 5:30 in Preview)

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      VideoHive Authors you are welcome to use the tracks watermarked in your projects. I’m always excited to see what you came up with and link your item in the description of the song you use or post it on social media.